About Me

Let's Get Aquainted

I've traveled the usual roads of life: daughter, wife, mother, grandmother. Made a number of stops as cook, textile worker, avionic technician and instructor, and software developer. 

I'm the creative type. I've turned my hand at drawing, sewing, quilting, needlework, knitting, jewelry, crocheting, kids. Well, had a bit of help with that last one. Mostly I only do crocheting now and design my own patterns. Leisure Arts has published one of them in "Quick Comforts in Crochet" and "Learn to Crochet Ripple Afghans." Baby patterns were popular with my kids and their friends for awhile. 

Besides being an avid reader all my life, I've also written for myself or family members. Mostly poems, short stories and snippets of scenes that flashed through my head. My mother said I had a vivid imagination when I was little. A couple of times I wanted to try "going public", but life always seemed to get in the way. Now retired and with more time available, I'm hoping life behaves and I can upgrade what's been a hobby. 

I hope to publish in a blended format: mystery, science fiction, fantasy and/or paranormal. Maybe with a touch of humor. In the meantime, y'all  keep reading. Hope to see you on the bookshelves.



Husband: 1

Kids: 5 (+ several honorary)  

Grandkids: 11

Great Grandkids: 4

Pets: 1 Cat 

Degrees: 2 BS and 3 AA

Age: 65+

Hobbies: Reading and Crocheting